Nonie J. Finlayson (CV)
Postdoc (Cognitive Neuroscience)



I was born and raised in outback Australia , but escaped to urban Queensland in time for my schooling. I moved to Brisbane where I completed my honours in Psychological Science (via business and music) at the University of Queensland in 2008. After taking a year off to explore Canada and Europe, I finally realised that my place was in research, so I returned to the University of Queensland, where I undertook a PhD in cognitive psychology. My doctoral research explored how depth information interacted with our visual search processes, under the watchful eyes of Phil Grove and Roger Remington in the REAL lab.

I am currently a Post-doctoral Researcher at the Ohio State University Psychology department, working in Julie Golomb’s Cognitive Neuroscience lab. My research here will focus on spatial attention, and examining the interactions (if any!) between spatial attention, retinotopic maps, and 3D space.

In my down time I enjoy travelling to as many exotic places as possible! I was a founding member and 2013 President of the UQ Skeptics, I wrote for The UQ Psyc Blog and was part of Psychobabble. I enjoy exhausting myself with any sport thrown my way (in particular hockey, netball, soccer, and skiing).

PhD in Cognitive Psychology, University of Queensland, 2014
Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours Class I), University of Queensland, 2008

Lab: OSU Vision & Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Google Scholar: Nonie J Finlayson

Email: nonie.j [at] gmail.com
Phone: +1(614) 558-0069

Department of Psychology
201 Lazenby Hall
1827 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210